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Black Marine Keyboard Water Resistance Industrial Keyboard With Touchpad


Black Marine Keyboard water resistance industrial metal keyboard with touchpad

Special Features:

1. Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS, IP65, ESD


2. Adjustable industrial red backlight with 4 brighness level.

3. IP65 dynamic sealed & ruggedized tough touchpad for fast and accurate cursor position

4. High quality durable black titanium electroplated on the top stainless steel plate included

5. Key-tops are laser-etched or high quality ink print in legends and characters for easy readability,

    long life to prevent lettering rub-off.

6. Ease of customizing with multiple languages, to accommodate foreign or custom variants.

7. PS/2, USB connection works as " it plugs and plays"


8. Rear panel mounting version.





71 keys

Key top style

Protuberant rectangular keys.

Actuator/keys materials


Top SS plate

1.5mm stainless steel plate with super quality durable Black Titanium Electroplated

Back SS plate

1.5mm stainless steel plate

Robust polycarbonate frame

Between top SS plate and back SS plate for fixing and mounting keys & gold PCB electronics controller, with mounting holes along the keyboard mounting edge for fixing keyboard with rear panel mounting.

Key Size

11.4mm x 11.4mm for normal keys,
11.4mm x 24.3mm for enter key,
11.4mm x 71.8mm for space bar.

Key travel


Switch life

more than 10 million of operations.


laser-etched or high quality ink print.




380.0mm x 108.0mm ( L x W )

Touchpad cover



More than 10 million strokes Mutual Capacitance sensing

X/Y position sensing resolution

40 counts/mm

X/Y position reporting


Output(self-detectable depending on cable)

PS2 or USB

Tracking speed

Maximum 1,016 m/sec

Power supply voltage

5 VDC ±0.25V

Current rating (active mode)

17 mA

Switch life

more than 10 million of operations


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